What Is The Statistical, Mathematical And Qualitative Analysis?

What is statistical analysis?

A statistical analysis is performed in order to scrutinize the data in the form of different sets. The basic goal of collecting and analyzing the statistical data is to identify the different kinds of trends. There involves five steps in conducting the statistical analysis. These five steps are given below;
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  1. Provide a description about the data
  2. Provide the relation of the data regarding to the underlying population
  3. Draw a model in order to understand the relation between the data and underlying population
  4. This model should be validated and it is necessary for you to provide the validity of the model
  5. At last, you should try to provide the predictive analysis related to the model

We require these statistical analyses in order to run our homes, business, and other dealings with the people. These statistical analyses are useful for us in order to get statistics about the beautiful fabrics. It is also used by the researchers in order to keep the children healthy by taking an analysis of the different vaccines. In short, we require statistical analysis almost at every step of our life.

What is Mathematical analysis?

Mathematical analysis is the most important branch of the Mathematics. This particular branch of the Mathematics deals with the different limits and the theories that relate to these limits. The most important components of the Mathematical analysis are differentiation, integration, and analytic functions. All the theories of the Mathematical analysis are related to the real and complex numbers and all the functions related to these numbers. The usage of Mathematical analysis is not a new thing in the field of the education. First of all, the Mathematical analysis was conducted in the 17th century for the Scientific Revolution. The main branches of the Mathematical analysis are given below;

  1. Real analysis
  2. Complex analysis
  3. Functional analysis
  4. Differential equations
  5. Measure theory
  6. Numerical analysis

These are the most important branches of the Mathematical analysis. Like the Statistical analysis, a Mathematical analysis is also used for the different purposes in our daily life.

What is Qualitative analysis?

A Qualitative analysis is usually used in the Chemistry in order to determine the chemical composition of different samples. A Qualitative analysis is a set of techniques that is useful for us in order to get the non-numerical information about a specific specimen. You can use the Qualitative analysis in order to measure the change in the color, melting and boiling points, radioactivity, and odor of the different chemical samples. In order to conduct the Qualitative analysis, you should take the following steps;

  1. Collect the required data
  2. Try to define the theme of the Qualitative analysis
  3. Never forget to develop the categories and coding schemes for the Qualitative analysis
  4. Pre-test this coding scheme on the sample
  5. On the basis of this coding scheme, you should try to draw an influence
  6. At last, you should present the results

These are the short descriptions about the Statistical, Mathematical, and Qualitative analysis. However, if you are facing any kind of difficulty in conducting these analyses, then you can get help from the academic writing services.