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The report is the account of some happening or testimonial. The report is based upon the analysis and observations. The explanation for any circumstances is given in the report. Reports play an important role in this corporate world. The organization is based upon the strong control and planning, reports provide the information that is utilized by the management team of the organization in order to solve complex issues of organization and making plans.

The report includes the discussion of particular problems in detail. It includes the reliable and significant information. Based on that information that is written in the report, top management takes numerous strong decisions. Reports are required by the management in order to analyse the performance of different department of an organization.

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The effective report requires determining the objectives or purpose of the report; this may include the identification of the problem. You should make and determine an idea in your mind to start with. The topic or situation of the report should be authentic. The report should be based on data. Most reports include the numerical figures because managers usually make it in corporate level. After selecting the topic and identifying the objectives of the report, you have to collect the material for the report. The material of the report requires deep research of an organization. Your  student should gather the facts. The next step is to plan the facts in the report and to make an outline for writing a report. The outline should be made appropriately because the whole report will be based upon it. It is the pathway for writers to write effectively. Prepare the first draft and edit the drafted report.

You should submit your first report to your supervisor in order to get their recommendations and feedback. In order to write a report effectively one should know the objective to be focused. You should analyse the audience to analyse the target audience. If you are making a report for the audience, then make sure what type of data is required by the audience, why they need such information and what are the implications of reading the report.

You should decide the length of the report and disclose the correct and true information in the report. You should discuss all parts of the problems impartially and reasonably. All the relevant data or facts should be written in the report.  While writing a report you should concentrate on the matter and structure of the report. Before writing the report, you should decide the writing style. Use appropriate and clear words of the report.

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The presentation of the report should be very attractive and report must be documented carefully. In order to write a report use pie charts, graphs and other numerical data over the years. The criticism of the other person should be encouraged. If the feedback is negative, then try to modify your structure and report according to the feedback.  Attract readers by generating appropriate paragraphs. Write the page number on each page and decide the margins.


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