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If your students are aspiring to take on a leadership role in an institution encourage them to begin the characteristics of a leader. Here are some characteristics of a leader.

A leader should be self confident, to his team members. A leaders’ self confidence and calm behaviour can help others feel certain that they can face hurdles and difficulties and they can easily reach a challenging goal.

The leader should be willing to share credit with others and the leader should admit that he’s not perfect, others see the hat and appreciate it.

A leader should be self evaluated. He should have control and he knows what happen in his life.

A leader should be emotionally stable. A leader should be trustworthy. People trust you when your attitudes, words and motives line up with what you actually choose to do. This includes being honest about mistakes, and doing things in an ethical way.

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Be yourself and act in line with your values and personality. A leader can work on his skills by making a conscious effort to demonstrate genuine curiosity about and friendliness towards others.

A leader should be enthusiastic, optimistic and warmth. A leader should be positive being approachable and expressing positive thoughts and feelings through both verbal and nonverbal communication. A leader’s ability to make people laugh can help others feel comfortable and relieve tense situations.

A leader should have a good sense of humour. Leaders show an extremely strong commitment to enthusiasm about their work. A solid leader exhibits empathy towards others. A leader has a good understanding of emotions, both others and their own and recognizes that their own mood can have an effect on the entire organization’s performance.

A leader can bring change so it follows that he/she must also be ready and willing to adjust to different settings and situations.

Strong leaders take responsibility for events and believe that they can have effects on effects on outcomes and conditions.

A leader should be willing to take risks on new ideas. These ideas may put the leader for criticism and blame, but it also carries the reward of bringing new ideas. Direct the students to how to be a leader, advice for college students on developing leadership qualities. Leaders are communicators. The ability to listen, understand and speak clearly is an essential skill. The abilities to carefully listen to what is being said, what is essential and what is not essential to the problem being handled and communicate the next step are key attributes of leaders. Leaders  can see all sides of an issue, draw upon their personal priorities and base their decisions upon all the data. The leader weighs all the facts and acts with conviction when the time comes.

The leaders anticipate future needs. Leaders must be able to act quickly in rapidly changing conditions, they also have to be mindful of situations that arise over time. Great leaders see developing patterns.

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The work of the leader isn’t always making the right call when things turn either for or against the organization.

Listening well, seeing all sides of an issue, reacting quickly and think strategically should not only be the area of the leader.