If you are a student who is working on a dissertation, it is important to know that conclusion is a very key part of your assignment and you must take it very seriously. You should not leave it or treat it lightly just because you are coming to the end of the paper and you feel that no one will focus on it or read it with enough attention.  It is necessary to understand the significance of a conclusion and how it can make a difference to your paper and give the readers a chance to see your paper in a different light.
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there are many ways to write a conclusion but the only thing you need to remember is that you must bring an end to all the points that you have discussed in the paper, especially the research that you have conducted because the readers will want an assurance that you have been proceeding in the right direction and that your analysis as well as your results are correct.

This article is a guide as it will help you understand some important things when you are working on your dissertation conclusion to write a good ending to your paper and succeed in class.

The first and the most important thing to know when working on your dissertation conclusion is that it must not introduce any new points or anything that has not been mentioned in the paper. It should only contain the summary of what you have already discussed and talk about it in such a manner that the reader understands that this is your final opinion and why it is so.

The other necessary thing that you need to do when write a dissertation conclusion is that you should also provide readers a chance to verify that you are right by offering them insight to more reading material on the subject and topic. Tell them about the books that they can consult on the subject and topic so that they do not feel as if you are imposing your thoughts and ideas on them.

You must know that the conclusion should be limited to a specific number of words or pages and it cannot be too long or too short. Check out the word or page limit with your supervisor as you are only bringing the topic under discussion to an end and not starting something new. Make sure that you keep it to the necessary details so that the readers do not find it boring and lose interest in your paper.

A dissertation conclusion is very necessary because it brings a proper end to the paper and it must be taken seriously to help the readers make a transition from the academic world to their own in a proper manner. Make sure that your dissertation does not end abruptly or fails to make the right connection as it might affect the readability of the paper and as a result your grades too if you are not careful when writing the conclusion.

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