Financial independence in a love relationship is one of the new issues that are discussed on a large scale. It is a wise step that couple remains in financial independence. This does not mean encouraging financial secrecy toward each other, but, encouraging freedom to expenses. This is really important to maintain stability in love relationships.

According to Edward,

“Power corrupts man and absolute power corrupts absolutely. At a level, power exists in friendship, romance, marriage and family”. Let us discuss the relevance of financial independence in a love relationship.

Financial independence in Love

Finding a compatible spouse is paramount to achieve financial independence and freedom. If you want to separate money, you should take away a degree of integration that you can present in any long term relationship. Separate accounts allow retaining independence and it is the sign of a healthy relationship. In the love relationship, it is most important to make a separation between the accounts. You should be financially independent in your love relationships. In a true love relationship, money does not matter. However, it is most important that you should give too much importance to your lover as compared to money.

It allows a couple to adjust inter-dependency of expenses

Love and marriage are about conjugal rights of both parties. It is really important to have a smooth transaction from single life to married life. In order to live a happy life, you should give importance to your love. Love is the body and soul of human beings. Financial independence allows the lover to adjust their expenses.  The main thing for a person is to give more importance to his or her love.

Both parties should be accountable for the money

You should realize that money does not matter in your love relationships.  There are many couples who complain that one partner feels like a child receiving an allowance. It some cases, it a valid argument. You should not treat your love as a child in matters of money. The relevance of love and financial relationship is a major problem that is disturbing the lives of many people.

It promotes respect to each other in terms of spending habits

By having different bank accounts, it is highly respected to give importance to the habits of others. You should give importance to happiness, not to money.  For example, the wife may like expensive bags or other expensive objects while the husband likes to have tools for carpentry and repairs, etc. in this manner, both can manage their expenses. They can give respect to the habit of each other.

It keeps the relationship healthy

It is accepted that financial independence keeps the relationship healthy. However, if they have unattainable finance, it might affect their relationship. In financial independence, they can help each other and can share their money. In this case, it keeps the relationship healthy.

Financial independence promotes inequality in the love relationship. It also shows dominance in a love relationship. This informative post published by Masters dissertation writing services UK.