Which Is Better UK Parliament Or Congress

Parliament is a big pillar of the UK Government. It is difficult to estimate which is better both of them. Here, the professional writers of cheap assignment writing services will discuss which is better UK parliament or Congress.

Which Is Better UK Parliament Or Congress

British Parliament consists of two pillars” The House of Lords” and the” House of Commons “. There are more than 650 members in both houses. Both houses have the same duty to check the government and make sure the scrutiny of government work. Congress and Parliament play an important role in the development of the country. Both are elected by the people of America. People suggest that who will be a member of the house or senate. However, there is a great similarity between the two regarding their work.

Both have some work to do as making law and check rules. The Parliament is a particular system of governance in which the head of government is also a member of the legislative branch. Congress is a type of government in which the executive branch is separate from the legislative branch and the head of government is not the member of legislative.

In Parliament, the Members of Parliament in the majority are able to choose their head of government Prime minister and the member of the legislative branch. The Member of Parliament is not independent in making a decision according to their political thinking. In Congress, members have more freedom than parliamentary democracy? All the members are elected by the people the precedent who is the head of government is elected by the popularity of the people not the majority of the political party. People also can choose their head of government who is not a member of Congress. The government does not participate in the legislative. In Congress, the precedent and the head of state are separated. The government is protected from the system of confirm and balance. The quick decisions are made by the Congress government according to the sovereignty of the country.

The Congress government has an advantage from the parliamentary system is that the process of lawmaking is so long and it has also required approval from the members of the cabinet in a parliamentary system and this make the governance work passive. Congress system of the ruling is better; however, this system has a majority person of UK at large scale elected their precedent so there is no chance of rebels. Moreover, the country becomes strong.

On the other hand in the Parliamentary system of governance, there is a risk because the elected Prime minister has the favour of winning party there will be so many disputes in forming legislative form opposition parties. Both systems have Democracy but a real sense of liberation find in the system of Congress. To cut the matter short it is true to say that Congress democracy has an advantage over the Parliamentary system. It is a more popular form of government and has an easier process of lawmaking. Most of the country like America has adopted this form of government and many others are adopting it.

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