The name of sending some important information to a large group of anonymous people is known as mass communication. While studying a mass communication subject, you will have to study the ways of sending the information to a large group of people and some important ways of communication like radio, television, press, and so on. If you are studying the mass communication subject, then you will be asked to write a dissertation in order to complete the mass communication degree. The first step to write a mass communication dissertation is to select an interesting and attractive topic. A mass communication dissertation topic should have a good scope in the market, it should be feasible for the audience, and it should be moderate. Most of the students are able to select such a topic for the mass communication dissertation. Here, we will provide 15 brand new dissertation topic ideas for a master’s in mass communication.

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  • Why it is necessary for us to buy a high definition TV rather than if we are using the old colored TV in order to get some important information?
  • Describe the main reason that has become the cause of the declining the number of users who are watching the TV?
  • Why most of the companies are attracting towards the TV and radio for the sponsorship?
  • What are the effects of advancements in the information and technology in order to bring out the revolutions in the field of communication?
  • What is the percentage of people that are accessing the mobile through the internet and for which purpose they are using the internet on the mobile? Take a review of the most visited sites that are visited by these users.
  • Take a brief review of the different social media sites that have become an alternative of the communication sources
  • What are the basic and the possible ways to buy different products by sitting at the home?
  • What are the effects of mass media communication and its marketing in the economy?
  • Take a brief and close review of the different effects of the TV on the cultures of the Muslim countries
  • What is the photojournalism and how to become a professional in photojournalism?
  • Take a brief review of the different effects of mass media on the socialization of the different countries
  • What are the effects of privatizing the mass media?
  • Take a review of the students’ radio listening habits and write down its effects on their studies?
  • What are the different strategies that are adopted by the different mass media regarding the advertising of the brands?
  • Can we say that the radio and television are the catalysts of the social developments?

These are the most important mass communication dissertation topic ideas. Anyhow, if you are still not able to find an interesting topic regarding to your requirements, then you can also get help from the dissertation writing services. The expert writers will provide a list of some interesting and attractive mass communication dissertation topic ideas according to your interest.

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