When it comes to writing a top quality and custom dissertation or thesis, it is necessary for students to utilize the data well that they have collected or that has been provided them to as this is the most important step. If they do not know how to handle the data and how to use it in their paper, they will not be able to succeed in class.

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Teachers assign dissertation and thesis writing tasks to students because they want to see how well the students have learned during their academic days and if they are ready to move forward on basis of their skills and talent.  When writing their papers, understanding the difference between analytical data and descriptive data and working on it accordingly is a big task and students are required to know it well so that they can do a good job on their paper. There are times when they are assigned papers that have both types of data and it becomes necessary for students to handle them the right way to impress the teachers with their efforts and good work.


Difference Between Analytical Data and Descriptive Data

Analytics is a broad term and it does not have any narrow definition that also makes it a bit tough to explain. In most of the cases, analytics refers to almost any type of data analysis, especially statistical analysis, data mining and machine learning.


Analytical data is tough to comprehend as is all about understanding relationships between things. It, therefore, involves a greater ability to think abstractly. When students are given to write analytical papers, it can involve developing an analytical framework (taxonomy) to describe the way information elements are grouped and how they relate to each other


On the other hand, descriptive data is the easiest of all to work on as it aims to provide straight facts to the readers. The best example of a descriptive dissertation is one which summarizes a number of articles, or gives an overview of current research.  Students find writing descriptive papers most easy because there is no argument to develop, no points to be analyzed, rather these papers only provide a comprehensive snapshot of a topic that is way easier than an analytical essay and here is the main difference between the two types of data.


The main purpose of descriptive essays is to describe what happened and also to pick out the most important points, to summarize a field of knowledge that offers firsthand information to the readers. On the other hand, analytical data gives a new perspective on what is being described. It does not simply present information but re-organizes it, comparing and contrasting categories, making new groupings, dividing data into groups or types, or creating new relationships so that new ideas and thoughts can be formed.


Students need to know that analytical data is more challenging than descriptive data and needs more efforts to be worked on. The better students understand the difference between analytical and descriptive data, the better they will be able to work on their papers.

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