The argumentative essays are the most paramount genre of the essays. The student is required to pick an interesting topic and investigate it with the help of collecting, generating, and evaluating the examples and evidence. It is decisive for a student to establish a position on the topic concisely. There is a little bit confusing for the students while writing the argumentative essay because they are not able to differentiate between an argumentative essay and expository essay. Here, we will provide you the Do’s and Don’ts of writing the argumentative essay.
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Do’s of writing an argumentative essay

Do’s of writing an argumentative essay means those things that are necessary to write it. The most influential Do’s of the argumentative essay is given below;

  • While writing the argumentative essay, the first important thing is to read the prompt of the essay carefully. After reading the prompt, it is also necessary for you to write it by following the guidelines of the prompt. Sometimes, the students write an impressive essay, but they still fail to get the best grades. Its main cause is that they don’t follow the guidelines of the prompt.
  • We have frequently seen that most of the students don’t take the citation style seriously while writing the argumentative essay. It is necessary for the students to get enough knowledge about the APA or MLA citation style before writing the argumentative essay and use one of these styles according to the requirements properly in the essay.
  • Don’t forget to attribute all the ideas to their original resources. Sometimes, some ideas are taken from the different sources, but their references are not provided. This thing will also contribute a lot to the final marks of the essay.
  • If you are going to write some quotes in your essay, then it is also imperative for you to integrate these sources smoothly.
  • All the arguments provided in your essay should be organized in a logical way. At last, after completing the argumentative essay, it is also integral for you to proofread it and remove all the mistakes from it.

Don’ts of writing an argumentative essay

Don’ts of an argumentative essay are those things that are prohibited to write an argumentative essay. The most imperative Don’ts of an argumentative essay are given below;

  • There is no need to make the statement of the argumentative essay weaken by providing some phrases like ‘I think’ or ‘To my extent’.
  • There is no need of providing the sign points in your argumentative essay. These sign points are usually provided in the speech classes, but there is no need to provide these sign points in an academic paper like an argumentative
  • If you have some inflated phrases, then you should try to avoid writing these inflated phrases in your argumentative essay.
  • Some students don’t pay enough attention to the conclusion of the essay and they slack the conclusion. While writing an argumentative essay, there is no need to slack the conclusion.

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