Disadvantages of Online Education

Disadvantages of Online EducationThe electronically supported learning that relies on the internet is known as online education. There are different names of online education like computer-based training, e-learning and internet-based learning etc. There are lots of benefits of online education. Online education is providing flexibility. The students can find lots of network opportunities. The cost of online education is also less. It is offering a comfortable learning environment for the learners. Online education is also providing opportunities for career advancements. Along with these advantages of online education. There are also some disadvantages of online education. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss five disadvantages of online education.

Online Education Can Cause Social Isolation:

As we know that online education is in trend in the world. While getting an online education, students don’t need to interact with their fellows. To get online education, the students have to spend most of their times on the internet. Therefore, this thing is becoming a cause of social isolation for the students. Due to social isolation, they don’t try to communicate with human beings in their real lives too. This thing is becoming the cause of several mental health issues. The most important mental health issues that are arising from the social isolation are anxiety, negative thoughts and heightened stress etc. Anyhow, we can overcome this problem in online education. For this reason, we have to increase the interaction between the students. We have to monitor the social isolation signs of the students.

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Lack Of Communicational Skill Development In Online Students:

Most of the students are taking online courses to increase their academic knowledge. Now, the problem is that these courses are not helpful for them to improve their communication skills. The main cause of this problem of online education is that students don’t require to interact with their fellows and teachers face to face. If a student has completed his education by taking lots of online courses, this thing can create lots of problems for him in professional life. In professional life, it will be difficult for him to interact with their colleagues. Moreover, he will also fail to pass his knowledge to others. We can overcome this problem in online education by encouraging the students to take part in the peer to peer group activities.

Lack Of Accreditation And Quality Assurance:

In traditional schools, colleges and universities, the teachers are teaching the best quality material to the students. Different educational teams are checking the quality of the material of these courses. Therefore, we can say that in the traditional educational institutes, we are getting the best quality education. On the other hand, in the online education setting, we have to face the problems of lack of accreditation and quality assurance. Most of the online courses are developed and checked by the instructors only. Moreover, most of the online educational institutions are not registered. Therefore, they are weakening the legitimacy of online education. The online educational institutions should try to study the best quality material for the students.

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Lack Of Practice-Based Learning:

Most of the online educational programs are theory-based and these courses are not practice-based. That’s why after acquiring the online courses, students just learn theories, facts and reasoning etc. They don’t learn the hand on endeavours and tasks. For example, if we are studying cricket by taking an online course, it will teach only the history and the rules of the games. On the other hand, it will not teach us how to play cricket on the grounds. Therefore, we can say that the knowledge that we are gaining from the online courses can’t replace the knowledge that we can gain from the hands-on experience. That’s why we should try to give preference to the traditional courses to acquire knowledge about the practical subjects.

Less Control Over Cheating:

It is a fact that there are concepts of cheating both in online education and traditional education. In traditional education, we can control cheating by adopting different techniques. As a result, we can give a message to the students that if they want to get success in the exams, they will have to prepare themselves for the exams. Now, the problem with online education is that it is supporting cheating. The students are using different techniques of cheating while giving online exams. Most of the researchers are saying that online education is more susceptible to cheating. After passing the online exams by cheating, the students can’t get success in practical life.

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