Educational Games for KidsGames play a key role in the mental development of kids as they help them become a part of a team as well as take responsibility for their doings. When kids play games, they learn a lot of things and this gives them some real opportunities to stay motivated and do better. Educational games and tools have been specifically developed for kids that not only help them in their studies but also play a key role in their emotional and mental development.

By playing such games students can become motivated to learn, pay attention and participate in tasks that take them forward in their academics. Many games teach crucial life skills; video games are significant for individualized learning and the kids can learn programming, coding and CAD designing with these games. There are many types of games and the main of these games is to teach children basic skills regarding certain subjects, expanding their concepts, reinforcing development and understanding the historical and cultural events and many other things as they keep on playing.

Research by a dissertation editing service shows that with the development of technology and the advancement of education, experts have concluded that games can enable children to learn better than a typical classroom. Games have found to be a more effective means of learning and they can be infused in the educational system for better results. Not only they keep the children away from useless activities but give them a chance to learn even outside school. This article discusses some of the best educational games that not only keep them entertained but also help them study with keen interest:

Animal Jam:

This game has been designed for children ranging from 6 to 12 years. It can be played on the computer as well as smartphones with iOS and android operating systems. It has been created in the form of an online virtual world in cooperation with the National Geographic Society. With more than 160 million users registered, this has become one of the largest virtual worlds for kids that help them play and learn at the same time. The parental controls are impressive too, giving parents a chance to lock down the game if they feel necessary.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker:

Designed for children 5 years of age and more, this game is available at GameStop and Amazon. It is without any doubt one of the best efforts that help children to develop mental skills with special thinking and unique puzzle-solving activities. The kids have to pilot the Toad through the specified course based on the movie Super Mario Odyssey game and they have to hunt down the treasure and solve puzzles on the way.


This game is for children from 6 to 16 years and can be played on the computer or downloaded on the apple or android phone most easily.  A math-based role-playing game, it is free to play and the kids can move forward in the game by answering the skill-building math questions, earning rewards on the way. The good thing about this game is that it is interactive; the kids can play this game with friends and enjoy the quest with them. The difficulty level increases as the kids move to higher levels, enabling them to master better skills as they play.

Thinkrolls 2:

This game is meant for children ages 3 to 8 and can be downloaded on apple and android smartphones. This game teaches basic physics skills to kids such as acceleration, buoyancy, gravity, and more. The best feature of this game is that it does not have any ads or in-app purchases and you do not require an internet connection to play this game.

Tinybop Games:

Meant for kids aged 4 and more, this game can be played on computer and iOS and Android systems. The bundles of games can be purchased from the play store or apple store very easily. There are various types of games that help students learn a lot about biology, space, and physics developing their interest in science and technology so that they can determine their success. These games help to keep kids busy at times when schools are closed and parents do not want the learning process to halt.

Educational games for kids are meant to help them in the study and give them an opportunity to learn in a much better way without any pressure or force. Research has proved that kids can learn much better when they are relaxed and happy and educational games help kids learn several things without them even knowing about it.