The success of any task is always defined by some identified parameters otherwise it would be difficult that either accomplish the task is right or wrong or even successfully accomplished. This is the reason why a person must consider those parameters of assessing the level of success while working on a task. Same is the situation for your dissertation that you must know the measurement parameters of success against your work done. Knowing the assessment process will enable you to meet each criterion of the dissertation with a great focus that will ensure your success against your research work. There is no need to further elaborate how important it is to learn assessment procedures for a dissertation that you are going to write or you are writing.

First of all, almost every institute has given set of assessment criteria with a set of instructions given for writing a dissertation but those are not all. Further is that all dissertation of your academic level requires to meet general criteria of research and writing to be successful so here you need to find out that. It is required to learn even if you think you have a complete understanding of assessment methods of your supervisor because again this is not all that is going to assess your work. General criteria for assessment is going to help you out on each step of research and writing. These are some basic reasons to learn general assessment procedures for writing your dissertation with a surety of success;

  • It will enable you to understand and add key points of focus in your writing process like adding all chapters in dissertation without skipping anyone of them.
  • It tells you what optional section of your dissertation is going to make your dissertation more worthy for the supervisor like adding appendixes might be optional but if you add it, it’s worthy and gives assessors a view about the writer as a detailed oriented person.
  • It keeps you on track and focuses on key elements instead of putting extra efforts in useless or myth of dissertation writing like the formatting of dissertation gives a complete expression of professionalism regardless of written content. This is not true, dissertation writing and evaluation is not a piece of cake, neither for the writer nor for the evaluator. So putting your efforts only on formatting or at least giving more attention to it would cause waste of time and is going to lead you to a messed up situation.

Further, these are some general assessment points you need to take care;

Adding all required chapters, missing of anyone of them in your dissertation can lead to failure

  • Quality of sources you have used for primary and secondary data collection
  • Length of your dissertation is this under the given limit of word count or not?
  • Your knowledge about the statistical tools that you have used in data analysis process
  • Last but not least you comprehensive knowledge about the area of research and content written in your dissertation.