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Nowadays essays are the utmost tasks of students’ life in their studies. Personal narrative essays are very common tasks for students. Teachers used to assign the students assignments related to personal narrative style in university and in other institutes. Your personal narrative essays should base on proper logical description, format and different styles. There are many useful topics that you can easily choose for your writing tasks. There are some innovative and creative topics that are based on logical arguments to write about the personal narrative essays. Students should work on them accordingly.

For instance, if you talk about the incident that you have planned with your family and friend to go outside, if you will write about that it would be not that much innovative and attractive for audience as an example of personal experiences. On the other hand, if you will write about something that happened expediently with your friends or family, you will write about it in a very different and very creative way. Unexpected things are always very interesting and logical; you can always write them in your personal experience and narrative based essays or assignments.

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While writing these types of write ups, keep certain things in your mind that are very important for your writings. Always write clearly about the incident or the event. The structure of your essay should be well designed and organized. The time and events should be written according in a coherent way. Always add the morals or the lessons of that specific trip that you have experienced.

You can give your essay a very inventive topic like; challenging moment of my life, tough times, friendship and so on and so forth. Sometimes students select the topic according to their choice, but later they feel like as if they don’t want to work on that specific topic.

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If you are comfortable with your writing and you are writing according to your choice you will enjoy your writing and you will make less mistakes in your work. Your work will be solid and powerful, if you will write it eventually and properly.

You can also write about positive and good experiences of your life like; best moment of my life and so on. These types of topic attract your readers towards your write ups. You can get success through these types of writings. You can always write about your personal experiences of your life and can get good result in return from your teachers as well as from other audiences or readers.

You can also add different literal and figurative techniques and devices in your writings. You can add a paradox in your essays. Juxtaposition of two different ideas could be added to your work to make it little different from other write ups. You can write your write up as a satire or irony on the society through your personal experiences. Similes and metaphors are an also figurative device that always nourishes your text and beautifies your text according to different perspectives, logics and facts.

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